All films screen at ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES.
32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003

(No tickets available in advance. Please arrive early.)

Friday, Sept 13
7:00pm: How to Disappear Completely (2013, Raya Martin, 79 min.) *US Premiere

9:15pm: Butter on the Latch (2013, Josephine Decker, 66 min.)

Saturday, Sept 14
1pm: Anti-indies:
Shirt Terminators (2013, Steve Macfarlane, 37 min.) &
Perfect Thoughts (2012, Doron Max Hagay, 50 min.) *VHS

3pm: Fuck for Forest (2013, Michal Marczak, 86 min.)

5pm: White Reindeer (2013, Zach Clark, 82 min.)

7pm: The Store (1983, Frederick Wiseman, 118 min.) *16mm

9:30pm: +1 (2013, Dennis Iliadis, 95 min.) *NY premiere

Sunday, Sept 15
2:45pm: Shorts Program 1:
SOFT ROCKS 1 -3 by Actually Huizenga and Socrates Mitsios
Semi Auto Colours ( 2010, Isiah Medina, 6 min.)
Everything Is Embarrassing (2013, Kurt Walker, 7 min.)
In A Hopeless Place (2013, Douglas Dixon-Barker, 4 min.)
He Didn’t Call His Painting Anything (2013, Alexandre Galmard, 8min.)
Time Is the Sun (2013, Isiah Medina, 29 min.)

4:30pm: Dirt Tastes Good When You’re On The Run
Marianna Ellenberg and David Louis Zuckerman screen and discuss work-in-progress material from their forthcoming feature film.

6:30pm: Soft in the Head (2013, Nathan Silver, 72 min.)

8:45pm: Shorts Program 2: Escape From New York
How to Walk to Manhattan (2013, John Wilson, 10 min.)
Weasel (2013, Charles Birns, 17 min.) *World Premiere
John’s Gone (2010, Josh and Benny Safdie, 22 min.) *35mm classic screening
Lydia Hoffman, Lydia Hoffman (2013, Dustin Guy Defa, 15 min.)
Arcadia (2013, Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker, 4 min.)

Monday, Sept 16
6:45pm: Fatal Attraction (1987, Adriane Lyne, 119 min.) *35mm
followed by Skype conversation with guest curator, Amy Seimetz

9:30pm: 24 Exposures (2013, Joe Swanberg, 77 min.) *US Premiere